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Jul 13, 2018

The Power & Magic of Crystal Skulls

Crystal Skulls are not as ghastly as you might think. Sure, the skull shape in general might be off-putting, but after you discover the innate powers of these little guys, you might be interested in more than just the type of crystal they are crafted from.


To some, the skull shape is suggestive of death or associated with black magic. But those who have used crystal skulls understand that the skull shape is merely reflective of our human structure, the foundation of our physical existence. While its shape captures our humanity, the crystal captures our eternality. Crystal skulls are known to possess amazing capabilities, such as bringing in higher consciousness to the brain. Their shape helps us to elevate our awareness to see and remember who we truly are. Any heartfelt intention aching to be acknowledged can be trusted with the skulls. They are there to reconfigure your spirit to the higher frequencies of your potential.  


The perfect meditation aids, crystal skulls are there to assist you through change. They offer protection, strengthen your aura, and transform negative energy to a higher vibration. The skulls are known to aid your connection to deceased ancestors or loved ones but serve as anchors of light, so no need to fear! They are here to serve the highest good for the planet and all of mankind, starting with you! So make friends with them. You can meditate with them, place them in your sleeping environment or in your bath, or take them with you anywhere you’d like.


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by Rose Botanica Wellness Contributor, Michelle Castro

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