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Become the gatekeeper to self-sabotage
Apr 29, 2020

Become the gatekeeper to self-sabotage

Become the gatekeeper to self-sabotage. Protect yourself from the things you know are harming you; the easy way out, the impulses, the fast pleasure, the addiction. Be honest with yourself. Set up measures to make it more difficult for you to succumb to that impulse, that addiction. 

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Favorite Questions from the AMA feed

"I quit a coveted, six-figure job with NASA + USAID to share with the world, the transformational power of Self-Care. My outlet is Rose Botanica, a natural wellness boutique and lifestyle blog that I founded in March of 2018. Ask me ANYTHING!" - Chelsea Poling, introducing her story & AMA Campaign.

Malibu Wine Safari

In LA and looking for a summer activity? Head up the PCH to Malibu and spend the afternoon in an open-air safari visiting exotic animals, like Stanley the Giraffe, while sipping yummy wine varietals home grown on the Semler estate. We really can't think of a better summer adventure!

The Power & Magic of Crystal Skulls

Crystal Skulls are not as ghastly as you might think. Sure, the skull shape in general might be off-putting, but after you discover the...

The Lowdown on Sunscreen

  "Wait, what exactly is SPF?!" Has that question ever crossed your mind? Perhaps in line at the checkout just before purchasing your promising...

My Transition to Natural Beauty

My transition started about 8 months ago I was diagnosed with peri-oral dermatitis--which is essentially an inflamed skin reaction near the mouth that resembles acne. Super cute, right? And the worst part is that it is often caused by ingredients in foundation and other traditional makeup products. I thought to myself um...HELLO! This is a sign that I need to bite the bullet and switch to all natural makeup.

Adapto-What? Adaptogens Explained

If you love keeping up with health and wellness trends, it's likely you've come across the term “adaptogens”. But what exactly is this buzz word? Adaptogens are a group of non-toxic plants that help the body resist all different types of stressors via the adrenals. It’s easy to think of them as healing plants.

The Lowdown on Deodorant

If you are still using antiperspirants, this post is for you.  Like many, I was resistant to go natural because I am a heavy sweater....

Good Vibrations

  Beach Boys' "Good Vibrations" could be the anthem of my childhood. That song got me moving with happiness and pure joy. As a...

Self-Care 101

What is Self-Care? Self-Care is an action performed with frequency that improves your vibration, your state of being. Examples of Self-Care: meditation journaling taking...