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  • Mantra - Frustrated
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Mantra - Frustrated

Rose Botanica

You are feeling frustrated, your mantra is "I am Becoming" 

A Mantra is the perfect starting point to self-care, since everything starts with thought. Words filter into our subconscious and form the basis of the stories we tell ourselves.

Say your mantra regularly; we recommend affixing the mantra sticker to your bathroom mirror and reciting it every morning as you prepare for the day and every evening before you go to bed.

The most important thing to remember is that in order for the Mantra work, you need to actually feel it. The universe reflects our feelings back at us, so when you recite your mantra you need to feel it all the way to your core. The more that you really feel that feeling, the faster you will draw in the results you’re hoping for.

To receive your complimentary Mantra Sticker, please select at least one product to add to cart from any of the RB Rx recommendations.

*Mantra Stickers are easily removable and leave no residue.

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